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NASCSA 2017 Educational Conference
October 17-20th
San Antonio, Texas

2017 NASCSA President's Award

Ralph Orr
Virginia PMP
Named as recipient of
President's Award
President's Award - Past Recipients
  • 2016 - Katherine keough, NASCSA
  • 2015 - Dean Wright, Arizona Board of Pharmacy
  • 2014 - Janet Hart, Rite Aid
  • 2013 - Terry Woodworth, The Drug & Chemical Advisory Group
  • 2012 - Karen Tannert, TX Department of Health Services
  • 2011 - Wilbur Harling, SC Department of Health
  • 2010 - Bonnie Barnard, Walgreen’s
  • 2009 - Bill Ward, Retired - Connecticut Drug Control Division
  • 2008 - Alan Must, Purdue Pharma
  • 2007 - Danna Droz, Ohio Board of Pharmacy
  • 2006 - Tim Benedict, Ohio Board of Pharmacy
  • 2005 - Patricia Good, US Drug Enforcement Administration
  • 2004 - Tom Wyatt, Jr., Retired Exec Director, NASCSA
  • 2003 - Nicholas Reuter, SAMHSA
  • 2002 - Richard “Mick” Markuson, Idaho Board of Pharmacy
  • 2001 - Donald Williams, Washington Board of Pharmacy
  • 2000 - Rich Wagner, Nebraska State Police

Presentations from the 2017 NASCSA Educational Conference

Slide presentations from the 2017 Conference are listed below. If you use them, other than for your own viewing, please provide a reference to the author.

PMP Roundtable
PMP workshop presenters
NASCSA Introduction
Ralph Orr
David Dryden

Case Studies
Divrsion Trends & Investigations
Michael Goff
WV Board of Pharmacy
Eric Griffin
Ohio Board of Pharmacy
Joshua Vinciguerra
NY Narcotic Enforcement
Prescription Opioid & Heroin Crisis
Andrew KolodnyPhysicians Responsible for Opoid Prescribing
Abuse Deterrent Opioid Formulations
Richard Dart
Rocky Mountain Poison
Dan Cohen
Abuse Deterrent Coalition
US Customs & Border Protection
Julio Pena
US Customs & Border Protection
Techniology & Diversion Detection
Tom Knight
Len Lewis
Michigan Medicine
Marijuana 101
Thomas Gorman
Hitda Task Force
NASCSA Business Session 2
Workshop 1:
Federal Impact on Sate PMPs
Sherry Green
Workshop 2:
State Regulatory Rountable
Larry Pinson
Nevada Board of Pharmacy
Mary Lou Schoonover U.S.P.
Workshop 3:
Prescriber Investigations
Alan McGill
PA Attorney General's Office
Update from SAMHSA
Anthony Campbell
NASCSA Business Session 2
Compounded Drugs and PMP
Katie Busroe
Kentucky Board of Pharmacyl
Drug Take-back Programs
Selin Hoboy


2018 NASCSA Conference
October 30th - Novemver 2nd 2018
Scottsdale, Arizona

2019 NASCSA Conference
October 21 - 24, 2019
Omni Hotel - Richmond, Virginia

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