NASCSA's Mobile Website

What is NASCSA's Mobile Website?

NASCSA has developed a website that is specifically optimized for viewing on smart phones such as iPhones, Android phones and Blackberry phones. Because of the smaller viewing area on these phones, the website's content is converted for easier viewing on these devices. This now allows users to access most of the information contained on NASCSA's primary website.

How do I access the mobile website?

There are three ways to get to the mobile website

  • Automatic re-direction:If the user enters into a Smart-phone internet browser, a piece of code which has been included in the primary NASCSA website is automatically read by the mobile device and re-directs it to the mobile website for optimized viewing.
  • Use the web address of the Mobile website:Go directly to the mobile website using your Smart-phone by using the following web address
  • Scan the website's "QR" or Quick Response code:You can use your Smart-phone camera to scan the website's "QR" code which is contained in the image below. This works like a bar-code and will direct you to the mobile website which you can then save as a bookmark or favorite on your mobile phone. (IMPORTANT - You must have a bar-code or QR reader app such as "google googles" installed on your mobile phone to read codes. There are many free code reader apps available in your smart phone's marketplace)
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